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ATL Launches Website so Citizens can Track Bond Money

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Earlier this year, Atlantans voted for a massive $250 million bond package designed to address an even more massive backlog of infrastructure projects. To help citizens track these planned projects — just a portion of the estimated $900 million worth of outstanding work — the city has launched an interactive website. Billed as "Renew Atlanta," the initiative will address a range of issues across the city.

While the bulk of funding will be channeled toward repairing roads, addition and synchronization of traffic signals, bridges and the creation of complete streets, parks and public art programs will also benefit from the bonds. Projects are gearing up to begin now, with the expectation of having all funded works completed in 2020. According to the city, the works represent the "largest investment in the look, feel and experience of Atlanta for residents and visitors in more than a decade."

Hurray for progress! Now let's make sure they follow through.

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