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Disney-Style Monorail Legitimately Pitched in Sandy Springs

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For Perimeter dwellers who wish every day was like a Disney World trip, a new transportation proposal being studied by Sandy Springs may be the Minnie to your Mickey. Lee Duncan, the city's Planning Commission chair, has convinced the city to study the feasibility of a monorail system to service the city. In a statement that really wasn't meant to be Goofy, Duncan told his fellow commissioners, "If Disney can move a hundred thousand people a day, we can do it," according to Reporter Newspapers.

While Disney's version of the monorail carries tourists between the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, hotels and other attractions on the property, Sandy Springs is seeking to cater to residents and those needing to travel on business. It's a far less magical goal of linking City Springs, the city's new city center, to the Perimeter Center part of town, presumably tying in with MARTA at Dunwoody Station.

It is not the first time that Duncan has brought up his monorail idea to the council, according to the Reporter Newspaper article. But while the council is playing along and allowing a feasibility study, it seems Duncan is the only one fully convinced that it's not a Dopey idea... Assistant City Manager Jim Tolbert threw a bit of shade, suggesting that Duncan pony up half the money for the project himself.

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