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East Lake Retail Village to See 'Lots of Action' Very Soon

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Investors hoping to grow a thriving village of independent restaurants from a moribund East Lake intersection are promising "lots of action on the site in coming months" to include adaptive-reuse projects. It's been a long road to here for the collective project now known as "2nd and Hosea" (previous renderings have identified it as "East Lake Corners.") The C.F. Foundation, an organization that's been working to revitalize East Lake since 1993, purchased the land in 2005 and recently sold it to Clay Harper and Mike Nelson — owners of local favorites Fellini's Pizza and La Fonda Latina — along with partners Nathan Bolster and Jay Martin. Over the past several months, "We've made lots of progress behind the scenes on design and permitting," which is almost complete, Martin said in a release today. He provided a corner-by-corner rundown of what's in the works right now, and what's around the corner, so to speak.

First on the agenda is a third location for the barbecue restaurant The Greater Good, which will take the shell of a former auto-body shop. (Harper and Nelson operate two Greater Good locations, in Tucker and Buckhead).

According to Martin, approvals have been secured and design is complete on this corner. Plans for adaptive-reuse of the former auto shop, a large outdoor patio area and streetscape improvements. Martin expects a land-disturbance permit to be approved this week, which would allow site work to begin. The barbecue joint is expected to open in early 2016 on this corner, and Martin and his partners have "extended our commitment to the project" and acquired an adjacent vacant house on Hosea L. Williams Drive. "We plan to clean this property up," Martin said.


Kitty-corner from the barbecue restaurant, zoning approvals have been secured and design is complete on another key piece, Martin said. Expect adaptive-reuse of the existing green building, construction of a new 1,680-square-foot building fronting 2nd Avenue, a large outdoor patio area connecting the two buildings and streetscape improvements. Martin said construction should launch here by year's end. "We are in active discussions with several local, independent restaurant operators to bring multiple offerings to this corner," he added, "where we are targeting an early summer 2016 grand opening."


Site plans are being finalized here, with design pending. Martin said construction on this corner is expected to trail a few months behind the southeast corner.


Last but not least, Martin teased that the C.F. Foundation "will soon announce plans for this corner."

See various renderings for what the projects might look like right over here.

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