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Is Death in the Cards for 'Beltline' Kroger on Ponce?

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Could the death knell of redevelopment soon toll for a Ponce de Leon Avenue Kroger made famous by its grisly past? The grocer, rebranded last year as Beltline Kroger, could potentially fall victim to — or totally benefit from — the success that the Beltline has brought to the neighborhood, according to scuttlebutt in the industry. With Ponce City Market open for business, it wouldn't come as a surprise to see more development launched in an area where land is at a premium. In the last year, Kroger has embraced its proximity to the Beltline with a fancy new ramp and cheery mural, which would be a shame to lose.

Rumblings in the Atlanta construction industry indicate that Jamestown Properties, the firm behind Ponce City Market, could be interested in redeveloping the site where the grocery store sits into office space. The store is surrounded by a sprawling parking lot — a decidedly suburban arrangement — which doesn't jibe with the increasing urbanization along the Beltline. But so far, those claims have not been substantiated.

Kroger reps told Curbed this week they "cannot comment," and Jamestown's PR firm says they do "not have current plans for that project," relegating any potential sale of Kroger's property to true "rumor" status, for now. We'll be following any new information and will share it as it comes.

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