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Your Guide to the Artists Behind 12 Works of Atlanta Street Art

House art by William Mize. All photography: Curbed.

Living Walls may have been on hiatus in 2015, but that doesn't mean Atlanta's vibrant street art culture didn't add some spectacular pieces to our city's streets. Curbed Atlanta has taken you on a couple of tours of Atlanta's outdoor art gallery this year, focusing primarily on art from Living Walls, Elevate Atlanta initiatives and Art on the Beltline. Now, let's meet the artists behind some of the works created during Forward Warrior. Held every June, the two-day live painting performance event brings local Atlanta artists together to freshen up the city with new murals. You can spot stunning 2015 art from 33 artists (and a few left over from the 2014 event) just by taking a quick walk along the CSX Hulsey rail yard wall that runs along Wylie Street in Cabbagetown.

↑ Local artists Jonny Warren, Sanithna and Tanner Wilson collaborated with Forward Warrior organizer Peter Ferrari to create the 20-foot by 60-foot section of the wall shown above.

Artist: Tanner Wilson aka Iron Christ painted the portion with the pupil-less woman. He got his start designing clothing and album covers for bands in the Midwest and now works as a freelance graphic designer.
Instagram: @iron_christ
See more: You can see the Indiana native's work in the Krog Street Tunnel, on the Rancho Buck auction house at 556 Tift Street and on the side of an abandoned Bankhead apartment complex at 1211 Joseph E. Boone.

Artist: Jonny Warren aka The Double Wolf painted the downward-facing bird. His detailed, realistic portrayals of animals are designed to be metaphors for human nature. The native of Hawaii also frequently depicts mythical female figures.
Instagram: @thedoublewolf
See more: It's hard to believe, but this bird is Warren's first mural. He does frequently display in galleries around Atlanta though, including but not limited to Beep Beep Gallery, Kai Lin Art, MINT Gallery, Borderline Gallery, Cube Gallery and Mason Murer Fine Art.

Artist: Sanithna Phansavanh created the girl on the far left of this collaboration. His artist statement says that his work "deconstructs who we are and what we do as living beings" to examine the human condition.
Instagram: @sanithna
See more: He has twice participated in Forward Warrior and has also painted at Counter Point Music Festival, A3C Festival and the Outer Space Project Mural Festival. He has exhibited at the High Museum of Art, Beep Beep Gallery, Young Blood Gallery, MINT and many others in Atlanta and around the nation.

Artist: Atlanta-born Peter Ferrari, organizer of Forward Warrior, collaborated on the background of this section of wall.
Instagram: @peterferrariart
See more: You may have seen his recognizable style of street art gracing the cover of this year's "Best of Atlanta" issue of Atlanta magazine as well as all over the city: on the Beltline near Ponce City Market, Krog Street Tunnel, Northside Tavern, Peachtree Mellow Mushroom, Aurora Coffee in L5P, Howell Station, Tanyard Creek Park and many other spots.

Artist: Amy L. Ashbaugh is an Atlanta-based fine artist and illustrator.
Instagram: @alashbaugh
See more: Ashbaugh does fantastical illustrations for a variety of clients including Fantasy Flight Games, Palladium Books, Emerald City Expeditions and Third Eye Games. She can also be found at the Dragon*Con Art Show each year.

↑ This piece was part of the 2014 Forward Warrior event.

Artist: Atlanta-based painter Ally White graduated from UGA with her BFA in painting just two years ago and is already making a significant mark on the art world.
See more: White has exhibited in group shows at Beep Beep Gallery and MINT Gallery and earned her first solo exhibition in Puerto Rico last year. Her work was recently featured on the cover of New American Paintings (issue 106) and was featured in 100 Painters of Tomorrow, a publication produced by Beers Contemporary in London.

Artist: Brooklyn-born Dubelyoo is a renowned illustrator whose work has been seen around the world.
Instagram: @dubelyoo
See more: Dubelyoo cofounded Art, Beats + Lyrics, one of the largest traveling urban art exhibitions in the country. His work has been featured in Vibe and XXL and has been commissioned by companies such as Red Bull, Converse, Pepsi, Nike, Apple, Sprite and Jack Daniels. He's done murals for the Atlanta Hawks, Guinness and Georgia Power, to name a few. He has exhibited and lectured around the world, from L.A. to Toronto to Stockholm.

↑ This 2014 piece, "You Are the Universe," was created "in loving memory of Judy, Hannah, Ria from the Cabbagetown Community."

Artist: Sam Parker recently moved to Colorado, but his work continues to beautify Atlanta.
Instagram: @samparkerartist
See more: During his years in Atlanta, Parker exhibited in many galleries, both as a solo artist and collaborator. He won Creative Loafing's cover contest, and earned his MFA at Georgia State. But the main way that his work lives on locally is through the hundreds of Atlantans whose skin bears his mark in the form of beautiful tattoos.

↑ "Evil hunted him... tried to destroy him. But he moves on without fear."
Artist: Brandon Sadler aka Rising Red Lotus has an iconic style — combining Asian-inspired imagery and calligraphy — that any Atlanta street art enthusiast will instantly recognize.
Instagram: @risingredlotus
See more: The Atlanta native has exhibited at the High Museum of Art as well as the Goat Farm, WM Turner Gallery, ABV Gallery, Nelson Street Gallery, Studio Plex and many others. You've likely seen his 100-foot-long koi fish mural on Irwin Street and his enormous koi fish underneath the Virginia Avenue bridge on the Beltline as well as his pieces for Living Walls.

↑ Corey Davis and Greg Mike collaborated on this "Where the Wild Things Are"-inspired wall.

Artist: Corey Davis is a true Renaissance man: graffiti artist, painter, tattoo artist, filmmaker, designer and rapper. He contributed the character in the center of this piece.
Instagram: @whoiscoreydavis
See more: You can check out his impressive tattoo work on skin around the city as well as on season 7 of "Ink Master" (on SPIKE TV). He owns City of Ink on Walker Street.

Artist: Greg Mike has single-handedly given Atlanta a more playful vibe.
Instagram: @gregmike
See more: Once you start noticing Mike's signature style of cartoonish murals, you won't believe how many there are. On the Beltline's Eastside Trail, across from Ponce City Market (his "True Colors" piece is brand new and well worth a visit... look for the big bear head), at music festivals, in Facebook's Atlanta office, on the side of buildings around the city... and that's not even counting all of the Larry Loudmouf stickers around town.

Artist: Joe Dreher aka JOEKINGATL describes himself as a social artist. He expresses his art through photography, wheat paste, street art, murals, paintings, sculptures, poetry and even architecture.
Instagram: @joekingatl
See more: His most recent piece can be seen on the back wall of an Ansley Park home near Beverly Road, where he created a 25-foot mural featuring pink and green leaves and a Greco-Roman bust.

Artist: Fabian Williams aka Occasional Superstar was born and raised in North Carolina but now calls Atlanta home. He transitioned from the advertising industry to have the "freedom to express more political and socially relevant contemporary themes," such as this one.
Instagram: @occasionalsuperstar
See more: His current exhibition is a collaboration with a number of other local Atlanta artists, including Peter Ferrari and Paper Frank. Called "Smothered by the Things We Love," it can can be viewed at the Notch 8 Gallery through December 13. His work has also appeared in the High Museum of Art, The Goat Farm, and dozens of other galleries around the nation.

There are plenty of other works to appreciate on the Wylie wall and nearby. Go take a walk before it gets too cold (or before they get painted over by next year's pieces).

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