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Eastside Trail Extension Builder Could be Picked Quite Soon

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First for the good news: The board that oversees the Beltline could pick a builder for the Eastside Trail's next leg at a meeting scheduled for Dec. 9, according to the Saporta Report. That's obviously a vital step in bringing the beloved multi-use trail from the Old Fourth Ward through Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown. Now for the bummer: As previously feared, the Eastside Trail's next phase won't quite reach Memorial Drive, but will reportedly stop a few blocks short at Kirkwood Avenue, for the time being.

In news that could be related, the city is preparing to authorize the use of eminent domain to acquire additional land for the Eastside Trail — the same process used for securing vital Westside Trail land — if it should come to that, the website reports. Last month, as the deadline for bidding on the Eastside Trail extension project was near, Beltline officials told Curbed that they've procured all necessary funding and the portions of rail line where construction would take place. (Exactly who's vying to build the thing is a closely guarded secret). Once ground breaks, the extension is required to wrap up within 18 months. There's no word on when direct Beltline access via Memorial Drive might be a real thing.

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