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ATL Loves Outdoor Ping-Pong! But No Beer-Pong Allowed!

In the spirit of making any and every niche ironically cool — unironically? the line's a bit blurry at this point — permanent Ping-Pong tables are popping up at parks all around Atlanta. Unfortunately, for those who associate Ping-Pong tables with anything but bouncing white balls, it's not all sunshine and roses in table tennis land.

For the uninitiated, here's one example in Kirkwood:

And, here's another:

But before anyone starts getting big ideas, like, say, "Beer Pong Extravaganza" or "First Annual Flip Cup Tournament of Champions" or "Drunk Civil War" just remember drinking is not permitted in city parks without a special permit. So, unless you have $75 and plenty of time to deal with the local bureaucracy, you'll have to find something else to do with these big concrete slabs. Here are some nice alternatives to getting sloshed around permanent, rectangular outdoor tables:
1. Supper Club. Just don't bring wine.

2. Outdoor Stage. No amplifiers, though. Those are against park rules, too.

3. Poker Tournament. Don't forget giant sunglasses. And remember that actual wagering is a no-no.

4. Giant Dungeons and Dragons Session. Sure, this won't be for everybody, but these are equal-opportunity tables.

5. Tabletop Yoga. Okay, kind of reaching here.

6. Actually Playing Ping-Pong. Y'know, what these things were meant for ...

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