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What It's Like to Live in a Frank Lloyd Wright Home

"Some people restore classic cars, I happened to restore an old home."

Frank Lloyd Wright designed more than 500 completed buildings, forming a canon of architecture that few can match. Even if one judged his legacy solely on his private residences and commissions in Oak Park and Chicago, Illinois, it would still be a one worth elevating. But there's a lot more to Wright's architecture than touring the homes turned museums that have become icons and tourist draws. Literally hundreds of Wright's designs are still in private hands, and the current owners experience aspects of these unique buildings that docent-led tours can't showcase: repair, renovation, upkeep, and even the occasional die-hard architecture fan knocking on the front door all make the experience of living in a Wright home different than the norm. Curbed spoke with owners of a half-dozen Wright homes to learn what it's like to live inside one of the architect's designs.
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