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Survey of Atlanta's Hipster Neighborhoods Is Very Confused

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The AJC reported on an American Community Survey of Atlanta's "most hipster" neighborhoods, and one thing is clear: That word does not mean what they think it means. The data ranked Atlantic Station, Buckhead Village and Brookwood as the most hipster neighborhoods. Rounding out the top six were Ardmore, Blandtown and Home Park. Not a mention of East Atlanta, Little Five Points, Reynoldstown or any of the other usual suspects. The problem could be this: Each neighborhood's "hipster score" was determined based on the number of cafes and yoga studios per capita, the percentage of people with bachelor's degree and residents aged 20 to 34 years old. Those are great criteria for finding yuppies. Hipsters? Not so much. Try highest number of all-vinyl record stores and tattoo parlors per capita, man-bun prevalence or fair-trade, organic coffee consumption next time.