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Mercedes-Benz Making Moves to Put its Name on More Things

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Mercedes-Benz's orchestrated takeover of metro Atlanta continues this week with the announcement that the company hopes to rename a Sandy Springs road in preparation for its North American HQ's relocation to the city. WABE reports that the German automaker has lodged an application with the city of Sandy Springs to rename a section of Barfield Road to Mercedes-Benz Drive. The request is just the latest symptom of Atlanta's serious case of MB fever. What started with the company's move from New Jersey to Sandy Springs has developed into a string of announcements throughout the year: In June, the company made moves to transform a long-closed Chevy dealership into a massive supplementary dealership down the road from their current Sandy Springs home. In August, speculation was confirmed when the branding for the Falcon's new Mercedes-Benz stadium was unveiled.

The renaming of a short stretch of Barfield Road — no more than 1,500 feet long — between Abernathy Road and Mt. Vernon Highway would allow Mercedes-Benz USA to carry on the traditional address started at their New Jersey offices 40 years ago. Donna Boland, a corporate communications manager for the company, said in a statement that the renaming was important as it would make the new employees "feel like this is our home."

The change would affect at least eight other properties, including the Mormon Temple of Atlanta. While street name changes in the city of Atlanta are a hot-button issue, there's no word yet on neighbors' reactions to the proposal. WABE reports that notices have been sent to the affected parties but doesn't indicate whether they support the change or if their support even matters in the grand scheme of things. After all, the company has already been granted many concessions including tax breaks and zoning changes to incentivize the move.

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