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Plan for 3 Miles of Beltline-Adjacent Trails Draws Joy, Rage

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Atlanta Memorial Park, adjacent to Bobby Jones Golf Course, occupies some primo real estate in Buckhead along the Northside Trail of the Beltline. While adding more trails to the area in advance of the construction of the Beltline's northern arc around Piedmont Hospital may seem like a good idea, many neighborhood residents aren't thrilled with plans to bring two miles of paved path and one mile of permeable path to the park, according to Reporter Newspapers. The design for the new trails was done by HGOR, the firm behind recently opened Sims Park near Lenox Square. If that park is a reliable bellwether, the Atlanta Memorial Park modification should be highly anticipated rather than derided.

Plans have been in the works for years to revamp Atlanta Memorial Park and the adjacent Bobby Jones Golf Course. As the vision moves closer to reality, some neighbors have voiced displeasure at recent community meetings. According to Reporter Newspapers, concerns of increased flooding potential and traffic from people visiting the park were cited as two main points of contention. Those against the proposal also contend that the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Two cents: While sprucing up the park may bring more visitors, it might be a tad greedy for local residents to be angry that others want to use the public green space, which we've recognized as one of Atlanta's best lesser-known parks, because it's pretty sweet.

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