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Midtown Abode is Madly Adorable, but Nobody's Buying

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In listing descriptions, a phrase like "dripping with personality" usually smacks as ridiculous, but in the case of this perky, renovated cottage in the heart of residential Midtown, it's right on point. You'll find this "Midtown gem" buried in trees about two blocks from Piedmont Park, around the corner from Grady High School. Inside, this 1954 cutey is surprisingly airy, but just not so roomy with a hair over 1,400 square feet (although it does have three bedrooms). It came on the market in mid-October at $585,000, and has since been timidly reduced to $569,900, which isn't exactly pint-sized but is probably appropriate for the location, in this market. From the built-out laundry room, to the updated kitchen and bathrooms, there's a lot to love in this little place. And for such a diminutive residence, the outdoor entertainment spaces are big, plentiful and just plain killer.

· 876 Durant Place NE []

Henry W. Grady High School

929 Charles Allen Drive, Atlanta, GA 30309 404 802 3001