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How Buckhead Atlanta Looks a Year After Grand Debut

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[Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta]

With Atlanta's holiday season upon us, it seemed a grand time this week to breeze through Buckhead Atlanta and visually document the $1 billion mini-city's progress, a year and change after its debut. For those who don't go often, the rolling opening schedule of top international retailers and homegrown talent still continues here, on the ashes of Buckhead's once-raucous bar scene. Buckhead Atlanta — face it, nobody's calling the place "The Shops Buckhead Atlanta" — is a six-block build in the heart of Buckhead Village, with 370 luxe apartments, the headquarters of shapewear empire Spanx and a neighboring office component in the works. The shopping district looks like many of the old renderings sprung to life — only with less Ferraris and a few gaps where tenants should be. And despite the season, it's thankfully not drenched in yuletide kitsch.

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Buckhead Atlanta

Peachtree Road at Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, GA