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Atlanta Public Schools Tired of Beltline Funding Fight

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Officials on opposite sides of the Beltline funding squabble are hopeful they can knock out the details of an agreement before the end of the year, according to Saporta Report, since they have more important issues to take care of. Better late than never. Atlanta Public Schools has been embroiled in a battle with the city over past Beltline funding for years now.

The main point of contention has been a 2005 contract in which APS agreed to give up some of its property tax money and receive fixed payments from the city instead. But, after the recession, the city came back to the table empty-handed. The contract was restructured once, but when the city asked for a second delay-of-payment in 2014, APS pushed back. Officials have been duking it out since and, as a result, Beltline brass has been unable to sell bonds or get loans or secure anything other than piecemeal funding for the project.

Earlier this year, the city approved $4 million to lay the groundwork for some good faith talks. Now, according to Saprota Report, Courtney English, chair of the Atlanta School Board, has said, "We are close enough where I think it's important for us to hammer out the details."

Ceasar Mitchell, president of the Atlanta City Council, has said he's hopeful for a solution, adding, "I would love for it be done by the end of the year. A new year potentially could bring in new issues." Granted, the new year isn't that far off. But, the hope is that the two groups can have something worked out before the city owes APS another payment, potentially extending the process again.

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