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Atlanta's Bike Sharing Program Debut Delayed 'til Summer

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Hold onto your helmets, Atlanta: The city's long-anticipated bike share program, which was to launch by the end of this year, has been delayed until summer 2016. Atlanta magazine reports the delay was caused by a lengthier-than-expected process of hiring Becky Katz as Atlanta's Chief Bicycle Officer. But with Katz at the handlebars and new Director of Planning Tim Keane along for the ride, it should be smooth sailing to the new deadline... Right?

Plans call for more than 50 stations to house up to 500 bikes across Buckhead, Midtown, downtown, West End and along the Beltline's Eastside Trail. Exact locations for the stations will be determined through a series of public meetings aimed at addressing areas with the greatest need. Additionally, neighbors will be consulted on what type of educational services may be needed to allow the most seamless implementation of the program.

Meanwhile, Smyrna's bike sharing program was implemented earlier this year. Which might just be a little embarrassing.

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