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ATL's Peach Drop Threatened; Commence Back-Up Plans!

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As time ticks away toward New Year's Eve, many Atlantans may be looking forward to the annual Peach Drop at Underground Atlanta. But before you book plans to attend the 27th annual event, billed as the "largest New Year's Eve Celebration in the Southeast," know that the AJC warns there may be no fruit falling from the sky! If the Peach Drop were to be chopped, what are Atlantans to do when the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31? Do we load up and head to Tallapoosa for their annual possum drop? (After all, nothing says "Happy New Year" like a live rodent suspended in a controlled fall.) This city needs a back-up plan! So take the poll and weigh in via comments after the jump.

Plans are still up in the air as to whether the event will be held as details are ironed out for the pending sale of Underground Atlanta to South Carolina-based developer WRS. While the planned redevelopment of the dying dead mall into a mixed-use Mecca isn't supposed to start until next year, apparently there are other forces at play. With time running short until New Year's, and no decision made as to the status of the 800-pound fiberglass peach, it isn't a bad idea to ponder some possible replacement options...

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