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After 2 Years, Fairytale Chattahoochee Estate Slashes $200K

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Beneath its conical witch's-hat roof, this Euro-style estate dubbed LA RÉVE — French for "The Dream" — has six levels of finished living space, all perched over the Chattahoochee River, that haven't been able to sell for two years. So The Dream, it seems, is snapping back to reality with a $200,000 price-chop, bringing the latest ask to $1.79 million. For a home just beyond Atlanta city limits in Sandy Springs, the long-range views of rolling hills and water are extraordinary. And there's little about these 7,200 square feet that aren't grand, from the oversized wine cellar, massive home gym, nine bathrooms, soaring foyer and entertainment-ready pool, which is conveniently covered for those adverse to suntans. But for all its stylish/overblown grandeur, the place can't seem to hide its 1985 vintage, which for some buyers could mean it's retro in the wrong way.

· 200 Cliff Overlook [Realty Clique]