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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (5) Grant Park vs. (12) Chamblee

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In today's first Curbed Cup match, two growing ITP contenders with history to spare will enter the ring, but only one can leave. Will leafy old Grant Park (No. 5) or booming city-within-this-city Chamblee (No. 12) emerge victorious? Time will tell. Reader nominations determined tournament seeding, and now voting for each pairing will end 24 hours after it begins. The quest for 2015's "Neighborhood of the Year" prestigious (fake) trophy hereby resumes. So let the Round 1 eliminations commence!


Grant Park is usually a strong Curbed Cup contender that, in 2013, managed to make the finals, only to be edged out by Kirkwood in what may have been the most heated contest in Atlanta history. But what's not to love about this neighborhood named for a Georgia Railroad civil engineer, dubbed "The Father of Atlanta," who called an Italianate mansion home here years before the Civil War? Much of the historic housing stock remains, and along with Inman Park, Grant Park boasts the richest vein of Victorian houses in Atlanta. From hip burger joints to large-scale neighborhood marketplaces and redevelopments of historic properties (the Old Atlanta Stockade and a 1930s school building), the future holds much adaptive-reuse promise here. Even the Beltline's neighboring Southside Trail is showing signs of a heartbeat now.


Like fellow ITP municipality Decatur, Chamblee is enough of a neighborhood to make the Curbed Cup cut, and its supporters cared enough to nominate it into a 12-seed slot. Chamblee made its tournament debut last year, only to be toppled in the first round by Adair Park, but much has happened on the positive tip since. Whole Foods is surfing a wave of mixed-use development into town, while Beltline-style bike paths could be in the offing and work barrels ahead on the massive, nearby Assembly project where a General Motors plant once operated. Referring to itself as the "gateway to Atlanta," Chamblee is chock full developer bait like MARTA's Gold Line, its own airport (PDK), easy access to Interstate 285 and more antique stores than you can shake a tchotchke at.

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