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Tri-Story Modern Stands Firm at $1.2M; Nobody's Biting

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Tucked off Briarcliff Road in LaVista Park, this tri-story contemporary residence stands like sentinel of listing-price stubbornness. It came on the market for $1,225,000 in September — eons ago, relatively speaking — and hasn't budged a dime since. What gives? Sure, the price isn't peanuts, but here's a brand-new offering of five bedrooms and 4,300 whopping square feet in an established high-dollar neighborhood, albeit dominated by ranches and such. The stainless steel posts and cable stair-rails are touted as beautiful accents, and the property doesn't want for openness, natural light (the windows are commercial-grade) or ancillary decks. But would true modern enthusiasts find the overall product a little garden variety, in the way the landscaping could be described as uninspired? Could bucks like this, even for this much space, be better spent elsewhere?

· 1262 Citadel Drive NE []