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Atlanta's Sexiest Electric Substation Debuts on 14th Street

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[The new 14th Street Substation. Images by Sean McGlincy.]

Sure, they're necessary pieces of infrastructure for growing cities, but power substations tend to be ugly AF. A new Georgia Power facility near Atlantic Station is challenging the norm, however, providing not just power, but a gathering space for the community. Designed by local architect Peter Drey, the functional art piece at the corner of 14th Street and Atlantic Drive features a gabled pavilion that "references the surrounding modest houses" of Home Park. While pleasant during the day, the space really comes alive at night, with a light show echoing the glowing skyline of Midtown in the distance. Drey says of finished product: "(It) demonstrates the powerful role that infrastructure can play in defining the city's public realm and enriching the day-to-day experience of residents." If only other substations looked a bit more like this one.

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