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Turner Field Redo (Finally!) Taking Community Input

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Have you been itching to chip in your two cents on the future of Turner Field? Well, here's your chance, so chip away before the project moves on without you. The City of Atlanta is kicking off the Livable Center Initiative study. It's the first in a series of meetings designed to take community input on the future development of Turner Field neighborhoods, including Summerhill, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and a portion of Grant Park.

The kickoff is getting a hefty push from the Turner Field Community Benefits Coalition. The coalition formed to promote transparent, community-oriented development of the Turner Field site. Neighborhood Planning Unit-V, which includes the Turner neighborhoods plus Capital Gateway and Adair Park, endorsed the TFCBC as the community representative in negotiations pertaining to the redevelopment.

The LCI is listed in the Request for Proposals for companies interested in redeveloping The Ted, so it's really the only point for explicit community involvement at this point. Three groups responded to the RFP including Georgia State University, which is the assumed frontrunner. GSU submitted two project options in its proposal. Each version contains a plan for two sports stadiums, plus student housing and retail.

The kickoff meeting is Dec. 10 at Fanplex on Hank Aaron Drive. You know, the place where about 30 people played miniature golf before it closed five minutes later.

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