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Cobb Co. Buses Cave to Cellphone-Obsessed Millennials

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Cobb County leaders are implementing a new "express" bus service to link the far reaches of the county with Midtown Atlanta, according to WABE. The route will tie Kennesaw State University to Georgia State University, SCAD and Georgia Tech via Marietta and Cumberland. Eric Meyer, Cobb County Department of Transportation manager, made clear that the buses were targeting millennials by featuring Wi-Fi, chargers for phones and real-time tracking via an app. As an express service of the existing No. 10 bus, the new route will stop at only nine of the almost 70 stops currently served by the route. The result? A commute that is only 90 minutes.

When Alpharetta declared that millennials really want to live in the suburbs and they just didn't realize it, we all had a good chuckle. The discussion was sparked by the planned extension of the MARTA Red Line through northern Fulton County, which garnered support from many mayors across the northern reaches of the metro (though notably, not Johns Creek). Now it's Cobb County, the traditionally anti-transit bastion, that's joining in on the fun.

Sure, a 90-minute commute sounds absolutely horrible, but it's important to acknowledge that at least Cobb County is trying. Yes, it's true that the county has only themselves to blame for not having MARTA — and maybe some racism, too — but hey, this is a start.

In fact, the announcement is a notable change from earlier this year when Cobb couldn't muster the political wherewithal to move forward with the proposed BRT system. But with a growing affinity for transit among many in the metro (not just millennials!), it may just be that Cobb doesn't want to have to play catch-up to Fulton anymore. Buses are being prepped for service to begin in March.

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