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Atlanta, Meet Your 2015 Curbed Cup Final Four!

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Elite Eight match-ups in 2015's Curbed Cup tourney can be summed up in one word: nail-biters. Thousands of votes poured in from across Atlanta, and most of the contests this week were won by less than 100 votes. Still standing as proud Final Four contestants are the reigning Curbed Cup champion, a former champ, a determined dark horse and a No. 1 seed that just might be a new tournament powerhouse. Could this year see Atlanta's first repeat champion? Or will a new victor bask in "Neighborhood of the Year" glory and hoist that fake trophy?

^ The week's most decisive victory went to top-seeded West End, which sent downtown packing and seems hellbent on making a statement this year. Interestingly, this contest saw more voting than any other Curbed Cup match-up across America in 2015 thus far. That's what you call momentum.

^ Challenging West End will be fourth-seeded Reynoldstown, which squeaked by neighboring Grant Park by 57 votes. Should R-town keep that glorious nonexistent hardware in its clutches, it'll be the first repeat champ in ATL history. Winning consecutive tournaments would be a pretty bold statement, too.

^ 2013 Curbed Cup champion Kirkwood continued its impressive 2015 run by barely edging scrappy Westside this week. Doing so means Kirkwood will soon be doing battle with a direct neighbor ...

^ ... by the name of East Lake. This year marks the furthest East Lake has climbed in the Curbed Cup, and beating a former champ like Old Fourth Ward — even by a narrow 48-vote margin — is saying something.

So there you have it: Atlanta's contenders for 2015 "Neighborhood of the Year," as determined by the people. Voting resumes on Monday.