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Did Somebody say Kenny Rogers Theme Park in Atlanta?

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Look out, Atlanta! Just 40 miles north of ATL on an island — an island? Yes, an island! — the most spectacular theme park ever conceived is in the works. It's similar to Dollywood "but more high-tech!" It has a South by Southwest theme! It's KennyWoodLandWorldMuseum! Or something like that. And by "Kenny," we're talking about The Gambler himself. He promises this about his Lake Lanier endeavor: "It's going to be something really special."

Will Kenny Rogers be there? No! But they'll have an avatar of Kenny! Probably something in between a cardboard cutout and that Tupac hologram, according to the Guardian.

What else is known about it? Basically nothing! A couple of months ago, Kenny told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he'd be designing rooms for a hotel at the proposed Atlanta Media Campus. With any luck, we'll have some more information sometime in the middle of Donald Trump's first term. This headline explains it all: "Kenny Rogers on Donald Trump: 'I love what he says, I have to admit.'"

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