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2015 in Wildly Pricey ATL Real Estate: Tyler Perry & Company

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Extremely high-end real estate can be a tough sell. While the homes are downright amazing, it takes a filthy rich special person to shell out more than $10 million for a place to live. Sometimes, it can take years to find the right buyer. As Atlanta emerges from the recession, multi-million dollar listings have more frequently been popping up across town, but records for the most expensive ones indicate that 2015 hasn't been the year for a whopper sale. Hell, even movie mogul Tyler Perry has struggled to offload his fanciful $25-million mansion. Check out the most expensive listings still on the market as Atlanta preps for the new year.

One of America's Priciest Listings

Atlanta's most expensive listing of 2015 — and 2014 — spent the year languishing on the market at $48 million. Located at an undisclosed site on the Chattahoochee River, the "true masterpiece" is a palatial study in over-the-top opulence. Will 2016 be the year it finds a buyer?

Movie Mogul's Abode

Meanwhile, Tyler Perry's pad remains parked on the market at $25 million. Perched high above the Chattahoochee River, the 35,000-square-foot behemoth features a screening room, tennis courts and its own parking deck. Is a 2016 sale in the cards as Tyler Perry tackles an even bigger real estate endeavor?

West Paces Ferry Newbie

A newcomer to the list — that is, it came to market after our September map — the home at 1690 West Paces Ferry Road is now the third most expensive listing in the city. Compared to the first two homes, the 18,000-square-foot-plus mansion is a bargain at $12.9 million. With a movie theater, 1500-bottle wine cellar and five well-manicured acres, the home offers a lot of luxury lifestyle amenities for those looking to bag a place for under $15 million.

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