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Grant Park Apartments Coming Soon to Not-Grant Park

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New housing is coming and it's just perfect for a college student looking to do everything...but go to class. San Diego developer Fairfield Residential is spearheading four apartment buildings in the Oakland neighborhood near Oakland Cemetery. According to BisNow the development is being marketed to students and middle/lower income families.

The 321-unit complex is being disingenuously called Grant Park Apartments, despite no real geographic connection to the neighborhood or park. Granted, the motive behind that embellishment is pretty obvious to anyone looking at the neighborhoods' respective Wikipedia pages. One is an bucolic Victorian dreamland. The other is an industrial park with a smokestack that looks like a giant tube of toothpaste.

Fairfield filed permits with the City of Atlanta to begin development at 290 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. The development is on what is already prime real estate (especially for students), considering its proximity to transit (two rail stations) Memorial Drive to the south (with tons of restaurants), Edgewood a bit further north (with tons of bars) and Cabbagetown to the east (with plenty of hipsters).