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Recalling Good, Bad ATL Listings from 2015 — in Haikus!

Atlanta is a vibrant, diverse city, with listings that reflect the good, bad and downright ugly found across the metro. Throughout the year we have showcased a full range of homes on the market, and as 2015 is coming to a close, we figured it was a good time to look back on some of the more memorable listings. Last year we regaled you with horrendous haikus about listings from the past year — and since we did it last year, we figured it was good enough to do again. Here, now, back by no demand whatsoever, is a rundown on Atlanta's most memorable listings of the year... in haikus.

3511 Roxboro Rd (pictured above)
Playboy party house
Indoor pool and Sphinxes
Taste has left this place

Undisclosed Location
Thirty-seven mil
Was once forty-eight million
Still, thirty-seven?

2660 Peachtree Rd NW # 0
Live near Sir Elton
Peachtree: Buckhead ritziness
Almost car showroom

985 Homewood Ct
Scary murdery spook-fest

123 Private Dr
Survive nuke attack
Located in South Georgia
Nah; rather just die

648 Glenwood Ave SE
Hardwoods throughout house
No, really, throughout the house
Floors, walls and ceiling

252 Iswald St
Tiny, tiny home
Grab food in kitchen from bed
Way too expensive

2312 Montview Dr
Is that your chimney
Or just happy to see me?
Give me a million

· Recalling Good, Bad ATL Listings from 2014 — in Haikus! [Curbed Atlanta]