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Could These DeKalb Condos be America's Worst Place to Live?

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Outside the longstanding DeKalb County harbor for refugees that is Clarkston, residents of a dilapidated condo complex called Brannen Hill say it's worse than the war-ravaged countries they came from, leading some observers to wonder if these aren't the most deplorable living conditions in America. A national spotlight shone on the 400 residents of Brannen Hill with a VICE article in September, and now a DeKalb commissioner is formerly calling for action at a complex where living conditions have been described by other officials as "unbelievable," Patch reports. A recent video by the Deen Media Center documents the community's struggles with gangs, prostitution, squatters, unlicensed vehicles and structures that are rotting, burned, full of faulty electrical wiring and riddled with bullet holes. Unbelievably, these condos used to represent the American Dream for many new arrivals in the area.