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Glenwood Place Waffle House First in Line of Chains

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Good news everyone! Waffle House is coming to Glenwood Place! Depending on your outlook Jeff Fuqua and company either did his first favor for the southeast side of Atlanta, or this is just one more instance in a series of copy and paste developments. It's a tough emotional conflict since, on one hand, everyone wants to shed the chains of corporate servitude, and, on the other hand, everyone loves waffles.

[Image from Fuqua Development.]

What Now Atlanta reported the 24 hour breakfast chain filed plans with the city last week. Besides the anchor tenant, a SuperDuperMegaSized Kroger, Waffle House is the first confirmed in a series of rumored tenants at the in-progress development at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Bill Kennedy Way. Those rumors also included a Chic-fil-a, Chipolte and Starbucks. One more big name and suspicions might be raised of Fuqua building a mixed-use pentagram on top of a corporate hellmouth.

The choice to bring in so many chain stores seems odd, in this case, since Glenwood Place was mired in controversy and stalled due to rumors of a Wal-mart as the anchor tenant. Maybe the powers that be just don't care now that they've broken ground. Heck, they are building their own piece of the Beltline.

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