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MARTA's New Card Conversion Is Supposed to Be a Breeze

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Countdown to the new year, and a corresponding new way of doing things. MARTA may be relatively young, having been born in 1971, but it's never too early to change. The MARTA silver Breeze Card debuts Jan. 9. It will be $2, plus the selected fare, which is a hike from the current Breeze Card purchase fee of $1.

Is the price increase worth it? Apparently, yes: the new silver card is more secure than the current blue cards, which has been an issue since 2013, when computer hackers illegally altered the cards using MARTA's computer network. The new cards are also valid for three years.

If you'd like a discount, you can get one. Customers can get free silver cards with card registration at MARTA RideStores each weekday from January 11th through the 29th.

Not into long-term commitment? No worries--MARTA is bringing back the $1 paper Breeze Tickets for those who aren't regular riders and don't want a card to keep for three years.

The existing blue Breeze Cards are being gradually phased out, but you've got a little time: they'll no longer work after July 9, 2017. Plenty of time for you to work on your new year's resolutions first, before you get to chucking the current card.

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