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Monorail Systems Could Transform North ITP Cities

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Make way, Mickey — metro Atlanta is coming for your mousy monorail. While we got a Goffy-like chuckle out of a Sandy Springs proposal for a monorail system in their city, the monorail-mania is apparently spreading. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, two neighboring cities in DeKalb County, Brookhaven and Chamblee, are both looking toward the retro/futuristic form of transit as possible options...

It's not all talk either. According to the article, Brookhaven is committing $10,000 to a study to see if monorails could connect some of the city's "high-density hotspots." Brookhaven City Councilman Joe Gebbiais is leading the charge for the system, advocating for a route that would bring riders from the Brookhaven MARTA Station to Century Center and DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, a 12-mile loop in total. Not wanting to be left out of the loop — literally and figuratively — nearby Chamblee is hoping to piggy-back off of the system.

While the monorail idea may seem a bit far fetched, tying local transit circulators into MARTA stations could be a potential boon for the rapidly growing cities which are served by train lines. With MARTA stations as major nodes, the secondary people mover systems could spread the benefits of the heavy-rail network far beyond the distance people are willing to walk.

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