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Nine Renderings That Gave Us All the Feels in 2015

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Renderings offer a glimpse of what the future may bring. And with development going gangbusters in Atlanta, 2015 brought us a lot of renderings to ogle. While pictures may be worth 1,000 words, renderings might not be worth quite that much. That's because, while renderings show off the hopes of the developers — and, more accurately, the architects — who have designed the project, the images are grand visions which might not ever actually come to fruition. Still, they're pretty damn fun to look at. After the jump, take a look back at the year in renderings...

Alliance Theatre Redo

The Woodruff Arts Center was a cutting edge venue when it opened... 50 years ago. Home to many of the major performance groups in the city, the venue is long overdue for a redo. Plans call for a massive overhaul of the dated space to debut in 2018, just in time for anniversary festivities.

It's creepy and it's kooky... and thankfully it's not being built. The first renderings released for the office tower to replace the Garden Hills Shopping Center on Peachtree Street were met with some serious resistance from pretty much everyone with eyes. Thankfully, the design team went back to the drawing boards and have now created a scheme which is moving toward approval next year.

There have been more than a few apartment towers announced along Peachtree Road in Buckhead. It's hard to deny that the glass and concrete combination are a bit overdone these days, but on occasion a building comes along with a little something extra. The 36-story tower proposed by Related Group offers a soaring white fin, giving the building a distinctive silhouette. Lets hope that wasn't just for show.

The Hanover and Loudermilk companies have been busy in Buckhead building an array of office and residential buildings. In 2016, the two developers have big plans in Midtown, nextdoor to Viewpoint at Peachtree and 7th streets, bringing a new, curvy residential high-rise to the scene — a refreshing change from the array of boxy buildings in the area.

Slated to rise from the grave of Hifi Buys in Buckhead, OliverMcMillan's new office building is anything but ordinary. A fusion of three distinctly styled components with a contemporary flare, the new offices will offer a stark contrast to the developer's quasi-classical Buckhead Atlanta complex across the street.

Mixed-use developments are popping up across the metro. But in Midtown, the mixed-use mania is going vertical, with a proposal by Greystar for "Ascent" on West Peachtree Street. With residences, a hotel, retail space and a restaurant, the new tower could bring a bit of verticality northward in Midtown.

JPX Works is a fairly new developer to the Atlanta scene. The brainchild of Jarel Portman and Bruce Fernald, the firm bucks the trend of banal developer-driven projects. Their proposal for a tower to replace a low-rise mid-century building on Peachtree Road near Lindbergh Drive came with renderings like Atlanta has never seen. And if things go according to plan, it's not just Buckhead that is destined for a swank new tower, as a similar high-rise is being proposed across the street from the Fox Theatre.

Georgia Tech has been been developing land on the eastern side of the Connector in the last few years, creating a hotbed for high-science known as Technology Square. With building picking up the in the neighborhood again, plans were released for a new tower adjacent to the remains of the Crum & Forster building. The brainchild of Atlanta's most prolific architect, John Portman, the tower may not be the most cutting-edge around, but it will add a bit of architectural interest to the neighborhood.

One of the most amazing set of renderings released this year wasn't for a building. Rather, Riverwalk Village was unveiled as a development in Roswell that could basically bring the Netherlands to the northern suburbs. Renderings show a massive mixed-use development sited along waterways, with bridges and fountains to spice up life of land-locked Atlantans. While the proposal might be pie-in-the-sky, the renderings make a compelling case for visiting OTP.

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