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Plans for Sandy Springs' Nucleus Just got More Flowery

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Naturally, Sandy Springs celebrated 10 years of municipal sovereignty from Fulton County last week by unveiling lovelier renderings of the City Springs project, the city's planned $220 million mixed-use nucleus. As Reporter Newspapers notes, the project's design phase is almost wrapped, and these fresh, flowery previews show an emphasis on fountains, lawns, trees and multi-use paved areas. Scheduled to be complete in late 2017, City Springs is under construction now along the rapidly changing Roswell Road corridor. Expect a new city hall, performing arts center, retail space, multifamily housing and parks aplenty. Should this big build stick to schedule, it'll join what promises to be a major year for development in 2017, what with two stadiums and the Beltline's Westside Trail debuting then, too. For more renderings from Sandy Springs, head this way.