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More Low-Slung Buckhead Buildings Could Fall for High-Rises

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A new 21-story tower could soon pierce the Buckhead skyline on Peachtree Road. Developer Wood Partners presented drawings for the Reese Vanderbilt-designed project at a Development Review Committee meeting last week. BuckheadView reports the building will include at least 220 apartments above 5,700 square feet of retail space along Peachtree and Shadowlawn roads. Located next door to Trader Joe's, the high-rise would claim York Furs and Dan Martin Flowers — businesses housed in two old homes — continuing the trend of scrubbing away the last vestiges of low-density development on Peachtree Road in Buckhead.

The loss of low-rise development has come swiftly to the neighborhood along the Peachtree Road corridor between Lenox and Roswell roads. Earlier this year, it was announced that the Buckhead Christian Church would likely be demolished for a new high-rise, while down the street at Piedmont Road the parking lot near Disco Kroger will gain residences and a hotel.

Closer to the Shadowlawn site, an OliverMcMillan office building will soon rise on the site of a former HiFi Buys. While next door, the Buckhead Bottle Bar lost a fight with a bulldozer as the Loudermilk Companies moved forward with a planned office tower — just one of many projects the developer has planned for the neighborhood.

Recently completed projects that replaced low-rise development include Broadstone Court and Cyan — which took the final bite out of Dante's Down the Hatch.

Oddly, bucking the trend just down the street from the proposed tower, a low-slung shopping center is getting spruced up. It'll be interesting to see how long that land lasts before a high-rise sprouts there.

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