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Drivers: Piedmont Road Traffic Changes are Awful

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It appears that the Cheshire Bridge corridor is experiencing Traffic Armageddon, following changes to the intersection at Piedmont Road. Lane alterations were made in anticipation of new traffic volumes resulting from Modera Morningside, a mixed-use venture by Fuqua Development and Mill Creek residential. What's ensued sounds like the Godzilla of all bottlenecks.

In order to provide a left turn lane into the mixed-use center, developers added a median to the leftmost lane on Cheshire Bridge Road. Now, there is only one dedicated northbound lane at the intersection, which alarmed commuters say has created rush-hour bottlenecks and accidents due to drivers trying to jump lanes.

One user published this stern "open letter" on Reddit:


The traffic in front of your development is a disaster and the apartments are not fully occupied and Sprouts has not opened! The parallel parking spaces on Piedmont Road should be scrapped in favor of a lane running down to Cheshire Bridge.

I have tried to be patient with lane closures, but last Friday at evening rush hour crews were changing the striping on Piedmont Road. Could this work have been performed early on a weekend morning or late at night? It seems like nobody from Fuqua or Mill Creek cares about any of the future shoppers at Sprouts or the inconvenience that is being caused.

Best regards,


Some Curbed readers anticipated these issues months ago. But it's tough to say how much any further changes will fix the already congested street as density in the area continues to increase.

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