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Gauging Excitement (or Indifference) for Colony Square Redo

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North American Properties is wasting no time in beating the drum for their next Atlanta mega-project. Just days after purchasing Midtown's iconic Colony Square, the first large-scale mixed-use development in the Southeast, the company has cloaked part of the roofed retail center in promotional signage, while accepting community input via thousands of Tweets (use: #ReimagineCS.) NAP plans to overhaul the 1960s property — peeling the roof off the retail core and revamping two office towers — by the summer of 2018. Once finished, the open-air hive of restaurants and shops "will fundamentally change the experience of living and working in Midtown Atlanta," as Mark Toro, NAP managing partner, boldly put it. This is no ordinary adaptive-reuse undertaking, and this happens to be one of Atlanta's most important intersections, especially if the Midtown Mile concept is going to really zing one day. Then again, some people seem to love Colony Square as is. After the jump, take a second to vote for how you personally feel about all of this.

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Colony Square

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