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Sleazeball Wants to Swap ATL Penthouse for Suburban Digs

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In what could be the most offensive, indecent proposal in Craigslist history, a 34-year-old Atlanta playboy (codename: "Thiad") is making an offer that practically anyone in their right mind could refuse. Thiad wants to swap his "sweet ass 2 bedroom penthouse" for "your miserable Suburban family home," more specifically in Smyrna, for up to a week. Why, you ask? Cupid has struck, and Thiad — who commonly seduces up to four "chicks" at his pad per week, "Some paid, some not" — has fallen for a mother of two. But before he takes the plunge and gets "stuck in the rat race with a fat wife, 2 or 3 piece of sh*t kids, and debt out of (my) ears and nothing to show for all the work," he wants to make sure domesticity is as good as it sounds. So he's hoping to test-drive someone's OTP existence, though he swears, "This is NOT about my desire to get some under-the-sheets time with a taken house wife" unless "all parties dictate other arrangements ;)" In exchange, some weary husband gets to live Thiad's penthouse life with frequent guests who "put out" on command. The worst part is that he sounds dead serious.