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Kirkwood's 'Selma' House Hits Market in Time for Oscars

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[The home with and without "Selma" treatment.]

The abundant Oprah sightings around Kirkwood last summer had much to do with this historic Craftsman bungalow, just listed for $499,000. The Oprah-produced (and now Oscar-nominated) "Selma" transformed this handsome five-bedroom into the "Jackson house," according to the listing agent, which means a piece of cinema history (and maybe a smidgen of Oprah's glorious spirit) is included. Built in 1930 and meticulously revived, the 2,800-square-foot property sits coincidentally (but fittingly) close to Hosea Williams Boulevard, named for the Selma march leader portrayed in the film. From the banisters to the clawfoot tub and shaker cabinets, the bungalow exudes period charm, which helps to compensate for its relatively few bathrooms (two and ½) and lack of a garage — elements this price point can command. The agent's claims of "limitless" outdoor space are rendered suspect by the presence of that fence, too. But there's no doubt this bungalow's brush with Hollywood will make for great conversation fodder as it marches on.

41 Rockyford Rd NE [Zillow]