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Highlights from 1980 Video on Atlanta's Gentrification

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Way back in 1980, a Georgia State University professor compiled a mini-documentary of Candler Park residents discussing how their neighborhood was rapidly changing, for better or worse. Now, in the future, "Candler Park: A Neighborhood In Transition" proves that everything has happened before, and nothing is truly new. The video taps a variety of perspectives — ranging from longtime residents, to those forced to move due to rising costs, to people likely responsible for the rising cost — and provides an interesting glance into Atlanta's past. These folks' sentiments are echoing today, from West End to East Atlanta, though they're generally made now by people with better hair, less obnoxious clothing and less prejudice. Common themes between 1980 and 2015: pride in the neighborhood, fears of homogeneity, the preservation of heritage and the essence of place. For those who find history a good way to gauge the future (and who don't mind non-HD quality and man perms), you'll find the video's Top 10 most wonderfully absurd screen-grabs after the jump, along with some insight from the Atlantans of 35 years ago:

· Candler Park A Neighborhood in Transition (1980) [David Rotenstein, Youtube]