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Midtown Condo has One Crazy Bedroom at its Core

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This is probably the only bedroom in Atlanta that could be mistaken for a giant welder's mask. And it could be the most creative use of less than 800 square feet — 768, to be exact — this side of Tiny House Nation. The listing agent touts the one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo at the pioneering Metropolis tower as "South Beach style meets Peachtree high-rise," and the cylindrical-bedroom nucleus as simply "unique." If the building wasn't 13 years old, we'd call this bedroom concept revolutionary, but obviously the revolution didn't happen. Anyhow, the asking price is $199,000, and if walkability is key, the location doesn't get much better in Atlanta, as reflected by the off-the-charts Walk Score of 94. Perks include a relatively cavernous, customized master closet, new quartz countertops and a handy little built-in work desk. The many windows offer commanding views of the amenities level (with its saltwater pool), the opposite Metropolis tower and a sliver of Midtown. And for those who consider sleeping secondary to partying, the bedroom could be converted into history's greatest wet bar.

· 943 Peachtree St. NE Unit 1404 [Estately]