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3 Cringe-Worthy Micro Listings From the Bowels of Craigslist

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In honor of Micro Week, we've combed Craigslist for the best of the worst micro-listings in Atlanta. With so many cringe-worthy options, it was no small order to choose just three. Highlights include laughable amenities, mildly depressing photos and a major grunge factor. But for those who want to live small and can look past things like unmade beds and Pepto-(a)Bismol pink kitchens, these listings might just do the trick.

Midtown Efficiency
Durant Place at 6th Street

Located a few blocks south of Piedmont Park, this studio unit could use a thorough cleaning. While no square footage is given, the place is likely the smallest of the three listings, while rent is a good $150 higher. The unit features a retro oven, a living area consumed by the bed and a totally-1960s bathroom. The attractiveness of the listing relies heavily on its location, but the mind-blowing messiness might nullify that.


Greenbriar Glen
3030 Continental Colony Pkwy

This one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit is just a block away from Greenbriar Mall on the southwest edge of the Perimeter. While there are only two listing photos, the description does the property justice, touting soaring nine-foot ceilings, a linen closet and storage space in the attic — which will no doubt come in handy with only 600 square feet. Just because the setting is far from urban, "delicious meals" are never far away, with a Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesdays and LongHorn Steakhouse just down the street.


Chamblee Condo
3125 Colonial Way

The largest listing, this Chamblee condo is a comparatively gigantic 750 square feet, putting the price-per-square foot well below a dollar. Snuggled up against Interstate 85, a renter's access to the city should be a breeze. With ample outdoor space — for those who like the jail-yard aesthetic — and access to swimming pool, tennis, fitness and a club house, you can live the good life for a cheap price. For those averse to pink walls, however, this place might be a bit off-putting.