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After Doubling Space, ATL Renter Still Pines for 490 Sq. Ft.

Tales of micro-living love continue this week with the case of Midtown expat Carter Johnson. Beginning in the summer of 2012, Johnson lived in a 490-square-foot rental at Biltmore at Midtown Apartments, following the Post Properties transition. He fell for the place immediately. "Friends marveled at how small it was, but honestly I loved it," Johnson recalls. "It was a fantastic apartment — reclaimed wood floors, exposed ductwork and the closet door (to a walk-in, no less) was a huge slab of wood that you slid aside on metal rails." The highly walkable location (and views of The Biltmore and Bank of America Plaza) added to the allure. But after only a year, Johnson made a purchase that required him to leave his beloved tiny quarters.


In short, micro-living and giant animals don't mix.

"I would have continued living there, but I ended up getting a Great Dane puppy," says Johnson, who works in advertising. "The building was not Dane-friendly, and neither is 490 square feet."

Johnson reflects on his time in tiny digs as a study in practicality — and micro managing, so to speak. With room for a double bed, nightstand, kitchen table and chairs, an "enormous sofa," coffee table, side chair/ottoman and dresser in the living area, "the layout was actually quite efficient and I was never wanting for space," he says. "Never felt cramped in the slightest."

These days, Johnson calls a 950-square-foot downtown apartment home — which is relatively palatial.

"But I still think about that (Midtown) apartment all the time," he says. "If I could, I would happily do it again."

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