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Tracking the Catastrophic Micro Blizzards of Atlanta Past

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Just this month, Boston has been buried by more than five feet of snow. Meanwhile in Atlanta, we've had a few flurries, resulting in Winter Storm Warnings, mass closings and chaos for fear of a Snowpocalypse redux. Whether you blame the government's lack (or overabundance) of preparedness, general paranoia, or our ability to concoct any excuse to miss work, our snow-induced hardships pale in comparison to many, many other major cities. In honor of today's Winter Weather Warning and Micro Week, here are the 10 most epically, horrifically massive — by Atlanta standards — snow events in the last 80 years. Laugh your hearts out, Yankees.

8. (tie) March 11, 1960: 4.0"
8. (tie) Feb. 18, 1979: 4.0"
8. (tie) Jan. 12, 1982: 4.0"


5. (tie) Jan. 17, 1988: 4.2"
5. (tie) March 13, 1993: 4.2"
5. (tie) March 1, 2009: 4.2"


4. Jan. 18, 1982 (aka Snowjam): 5.0"

3. Jan. 30, 1936: 6.0"

2. March 24, 1983: 7.9"

Drumroll ...

1. Jan. 23, 1940 (The Great Atlanta Blizzard) 8.3"

Add up the largest snowstorms for the last eight decades and you quickly come to the sobering realization that we are still a foot shy of the amount of snow Boston has received in just the last month. Lessons to be learned from this data? Well, we should probably wait until March before complaining about how bad the winter was. And, relatively speaking, we're kind of a bunch of whiners.

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