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Expert Panelists: Public Schools Crucial for Evolving ATL

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Public schools will play a major role in dictating the future of Atlanta's urbanization, and anything to do with the subject — state-led school reforms, the suburban flight of millennials, et cetera — is a red-hot topic these days. As such, Urban Land Institute Atlanta is hosting a program next month to lend context to these issues — and to drive home the point that public schools are crucial for Atlanta's economic future. ULI Atlanta has assembled an expert panel from the city's education and real estate realms, and they'll discuss how public education directly impacts real estate development trends — and how Atlanta stacks up against peers across the country. They're calling the program "ULI Atlanta Sustainable Urbanization: How Education Drives Real Estate Development (And Vice Versa)." It happens March 18 at North Atlanta High School, with preregistration required. Maybe all the talk will translate into action.