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In Photos: Unsightly Downtown Corner is Being Transformed

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Work has begun at the downtown corner of John Wesley Dobbs and Piedmont avenues, a site that will reportedly become a new Georgia State University residence hall with a healthy dose of retail. Backhoes were at the property Thursday, digging up a former pay-by-the-hour parking lot (RIP) and readying to tackle a nearby building (the former home of Gourmet Services Inc.). There's no official confirmation at this point, but a tipster suggests a new dorm will go up on the site, a September article in the GSU newspaper lists it as a possible spot for such a project, and city permits call for a "376 unit residential building" with "700 beds." Online permit records also say 20,000 square feet of retail will be included — and that "demolition is part of the project, but that part is being carried out by Georgia State University." The listed developer is Juneau Construction Company, which has built college residence halls across the state and elsewhere. The death of any downtown parking lot is a good reason for a photo safari. Enjoy photos of the pending destruction.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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