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How a Derelict Kirkwood Manse was Magnificently Revived

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[The Howard Avenue home, before and after renovation. All images via J. Rich.]

As Atlanta emerged from the Recession in 2013, a funky old mansion sat in Kirkwood, waiting for some love and attention. Just south of the MARTA tracks, down the street from the epic old M.J. Dollar Funeral Home (which hosts the annual Scarendipity Halloween party), the property is a few blocks from Kirkwood's Village, two miles from downtown Decatur. Thankfully, for those who love beautiful post-Victorian mansions, it was scooped up by a couple keen on restoring the home to its 1910 glory. Though the place was a mess — judging by Zillow's pricing history, that had been the state for a while — Jonathan and Callie Rich took on the 16-month project to revive the home's splendor, keeping the 12-foot ceilings, six original fireplaces and a hell of a lot of character. For do-it-yourselfers not experienced (or brave) enough for such a task, the duo have shared pictures of the transformation and extended an open invitation for people to stop by. Sounds like a party.

· 242 Howard Before/After [Jrich Realty Specialist]