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This $1.9M Classic could Make Design Enthusiasts Swoon

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The term "classic contemporary" might sound like an oxymoron, but it seems apropos in the case of this modernist Buckhead spectacle from 1986. Built by highly regarded Cooper Carey architects, and wedged into the woods near Sandy Springs like a hunting cabin, this 6,000-square-foot sexy beast is all about city sophistication that capitalizes on verdant terrain. The agent drops the obligatory Frank Lloyd Wright reference in the listing, which set the price this week at $1.89 million. With most of the 1980s-ness purged out, the house makes rustic stacked stones and a wood-paneled refrigerator look cutting edge. The sleek patio lounge, massive outdoor fireplace (with a wood-burning pizza oven) and unpretentious wine cellar are plusses, but the lack of a pool and ridiculously low Walk Score of 6 (!) are not. (Then again, when there's an Maserati Aston Martin in the garage, what's walking got to do with anything?) Sales history indicates the house has changed hands several times, but not since 2006; it's since been listed as high as $2.2 million and was used for a time as a rental property. Time will tell if an adjusted price can lure a buyer who, as the agent predicts, will probably be a design enthusiast, and will probably love to entertain.

· 4770 Jett Rd NW Unit 9 [Estately]