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This 'Bungalow Revival' in Oakhurst Requests $800K

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In the quiet corner of Oakhurst that abuts East Lake and Kirkwood, we find this mondo new house classified as a "2015 bungalow revival." It's asking $1 shy of $800,000, which is basically the going rate for this size, school district and craftsmanship. Even more interesting, around back we find what's classified as a "garport." Not to be mistaken for a carage, the garport is just like a garage, minus the big door and added security. A garport would relieve the homeowner of having to push a button on his driver's-side visor after work each evening. It also would be more breezy in the summertime. Meanwhile, above the garport, there's a truly awesome back porch. Inside, we find six bedrooms, Carrara marble aplenty and an awkward drawer-style microwave. The square footage lands right at 3,000, which proves, like other facets here, that bungalows aren't always what they used to be.

· 123 1st Ave. [Estately]