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Modern Westside Townhome vs. Vintage Castleberry Loft

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Imagine this: You've been living in a cramped, 700-square-foot rental. That stinks, right? Well, now it gets really heavy: You and your mate are expecting your first child, meaning it's high time for more space and a second bedroom. You don't have to move to FixerUpperVille, but you're not looking to break the bank — so about $300,000 is the absolute max. The 'burbs are out of the question, as are swankier spots like Buckhead. You have friends in both Castleberry Hill and Westside, and you love the vibe of both. The only questions left are which neighborhood, townhome or loft and … who's ready for Real Estate Deathmatch?

At nearly 2,000 square feet, this boxy, three-story townhome offers plenty of space to stretch your legs. It also comes with a sizable backyard, two different decks and your very own garage. The exterior is identical to the neighbors' pads, but you'll know its yours by the kelly green accent.

1278 Van Allen Mews NW [Trulia]
Square Footage: 1,963
Price: $300,000
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2.5
Year Built: 2005
Perks: They're from a distance, no doubt, but pretty solid skyline views.
Potential Drawback: It's modern-ish, sure, but there's also plenty of carpet — and one very strange bathroom. (Hint: It's a tile bonanza!)


According to the listing, this unique space "truly sits on the roof without any common walls with any other loft." The exposed brick walls, visible duct work and "beautiful old hardwood floors" lend the open floorplan a very distinct feel. The kitchen and bathrooms are nicely renovated.

210 Walker St. SW, #15 [Trulia]
Square Footage: 1,752
Price: $285,000
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Year Built: 1997
Perks: Walkable to Clark Atlanta and the rest of the HBCUs in the area, as well as the Georgia Dome and Philips Arena (if you've got your sneakers on).
Potential Drawback: Despite all the windows, all of the dark wood here may feel a little … imposing.

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— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep