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New Chastain Listing Lets Potential Buyers Play 'The Sims'

While there's just empty land at 488 Twin Springs Road near Chastain Park right now, potential buyers of a planned $1.9 million home can get a feel for the place before the first wall goes up. Thanks to some architectural wizardry and 3D-rendering technology, those interested in the sprawling six-bedroom, six-and-1/2-bathroom home — or those who loved playing The Sims — can select all sorts of hideous CGI furniture and experience a simulated walk-through. When completed, the home will cover more than 5,400 square feet, have a three-car garage and a lot of outdoor living space, all just a few blocks from Chastain Park and a short drive from Buckhead Village. While only one (wealthy) buyer will own the house in the end, everyone gets a chance to pretend with this fun and unique buyer's tool. Also on the listing website, for those with an appetite for destruction rather than construction, there's a video of the old ranch house meeting its maker: DIE YELLOW HOUSE, DIE!

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